You have probably heard about SSL when it comes to websites and then you have seen that some sites have a http:// as their prefix while other sites like Facebook have https:// as theirs. To explain simply, that extra ‘S’ in the site address is proof that that site has an SSL certificate.


what is ssl certificate

SSL certificate is a key which makes a connection between a server and a browser secure. If you have a website which handles sensitive information such as passwords, payment details such as debit and credit card PINs, then you should get SSL certificate for your domain so you can have that ‘S’ which stands for Secure in your http.


Having configured SSL on your website, it is imperative that you confirm if it has been done right and you also want to run regular checks to see that you certificate is up to date and so on. There are websites which offer us this service for absolutely free and we will be looking at a couple of them.


This is one of the online tools available to those who want to check the status of the SSL certificate. This service checks mostly for vulnerability and misconfiguration. It takes care of protocol details, cipher suites, and more. It is a handy tool for SSL certificate checks.


This service helps check for the status of the chain certificate and makes sure that it is not broken. This is more of a proactive checker and it works because it is better to know what could go wrong in the future than to wait for a time when it is too late.


The tool here is quite comprehensive when it comes to checking for SSL certificate status. It tests for vulnerabilities such as Poodle, freak, beast, and crime. The tool also provides information such as SSL/TLS Compression, server configuration, and enabled protocols.


Another good SSL certificate checker is found here. The interface is really simple making it a good choice for all who want to know the status of a site’s SSL certificate. On this site, you can check and get reports including public key size, Encryption cipher details, secure renegotiation and more.


The tool on this website is dynamic. It provides you with such reports as key length, signature algorithm, and even Serial number. Another kind of information you can get here is details about SSL certificate expiry.


For those who have ever wondered what is SSL certificate, or wanted to know how to check the SSL certificate status of any given website, this is enough information to get started and about SSL certificate checker websites. The service is free and can help you be up to date whether the site you are checking is yours or someone else’s.

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