This article is going to discuss how to transfer WordPress site to a new host. At first blush we may not know why it is important to have this information but you never can tell what may happen tomorrow, there may be a host service provider with better features for your WordPress site, or you may simply want to transfer because of a reason like improving your SEO, Whatever the reasons may be, it is important to know the steps to follow in order to make you WordPress migration smooth. Let’s get into it shall we?

move wordpress site to new host

Before you begin your site transfer, you want to make sure that a few things are put in place. Following the laid out process will make the transition smooth and seamless. You can also reduce or avoid downtime by following these steps.

1. Get a new host – This step is important as you do not just buy a hosting plan from the first company you see. There must have been a reason or a couple of reason why you want to move WordPress site to new host and you want to be sure that the hosting company you want to patronize do not have the same issues as the one you are leaving. Do not install WordPress on your new host though. We will reserve that step for later.

2. Set up Duplicator – Duplicator is a free plugin which helps you make a complete copy of your site for backup purposes or purposes such as this. To download duplicator, follow this LINK. Install and activate the plugin on your site. This plugin is good because it can aid the migration process without you losing any of your SEO rankings.

Once duplicator is activated, go to it on your dashboard and click on packages. You will see the following screen. Click ‘Create New’

move wordpress site to new host

Once that is done, on the next screen, click next and follow the steps.

move wordpress site to new host

The next thing you are to do is to check and see that all components of your WordPress site are in order. He plugin performs a scan and you see a result window after the scan.

move wordpress site to new host

On confirming that everything is okay, click ‘build’

Next, you will have to download two files to your computer

move wordpress site to new host

Both the Installer and Archive file are to be downloaded as you will need both to complete the migration process. The archive file carries the copy of your site and the installer is going to come in handy as to help with the installation process.

3. Import your site to the new host – This process doesn’t have to be complicated. Though this can be done using an FTP, it is easier to login to your cpanel and go to file manager. Upload both files to the root folder of your site. This is usually found in /username/public_html/ or /username/public_html/

Please note that the root directory is to be empty for this to work. If WordPress had been installed on the site already, then it should be removed.

4. Initiate Duplicator – Once these file shave been moved, you can begin the duplicator process. This is done by visiting . You should have created a database in your cpanel before this.

move wordpress site to new host

You are to enter the database username and password and then click on ‘test’ to be sure the connection is good.

It may so happen that when you get to this stage, the process fails. This is nothing to be afraid of, just check the information you have entered and try to correct them if there is an error.

When the test succeeds, click on ‘Run Deployment’

move wordpress site to new host

This process usually takes a few minutes to complete so keep the tab open while it runs. You will also be asked to confirm the URL of your new and old websites during this process, go ahead and do that.

5. Update your domain – When you have gotten to this point, you can say you are home free. To safely migrate WordPress site to new host, or to say complete the process. You are to update your domain so that when users click on your URL, it will point them to your new site. To do this, you are to change the name servers of the site to the name servers of your new host in the cpanel.

The easiest thing to do in this case is to transfer your domain to the new host. This is a paid service but what it means is that the next time you want to renew your domain name, you are going to be doing that renewal on your new hosting platform.

To simply change name servers on the hand, you should have the name servers of your new host. Name servers usually come in a pair and they look something like this

These are the addresses which you will use so that your domain can point to your new host server.


By doing things this way, not only do you move website to new host, you will not have to deal with having downtime as your site is being migrated. Your users will have a smooth transition and you would have successfully moved your WordPress site to a new host.

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