The internet is vast and in this day and age, we use it for everything. So why can’t we use it to make some extra cash? Yes the internet is a gold mine and if you are not making some money from it, then you should really consider this avenue. Half of the world is online now and those numbers are only going to increase so you need to get on the internet and start making some money.

Best Ways To Make Money Online 2017

make money online

In this article we are going to explore a number of ways which you can harness the money-making potentials of the internet.

#1 Start A Blog

Blogging has become one of the most stable means of earning money online. It is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme but it pays if you would give it the time. So how does blogging work? It’s simple. Pick a topic you can handle and constantly write on that. It could be a blog about cars, or love and relationships – whatever it is, write about it, get people to visit your blog, and with the right amount of effort, you can start having paid adverts from the likes of Google on your blog.

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#2 Affiliate Marketing

What is this fancy term? This is simply selling something for another corporation online and splitting the profits. Imagine you have a large social media following; you can have a link you could post on your page and when your followers click on it and end up making a purchase; that is money in your account. Here are Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Make Money Online 2017

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#3 Vlogging

Okay this is something you may not have heard of – or maybe you have. Vlogging is the art of making video blogs or simply put, starting a YouTube channel where you post videos in a particular Niche. When you gather subscribers, you can register to become a YouTube Ad partner and have ads display on your video.

#4 Freelancing

make money online
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Like the name implies, that is exactly what it is. Do you write?do programming? Or even draw and paint? Put those talents to good use and make money freelancing for clients all over the world on sites like,, and

#5 Build an Online Store

Ever heard of Shopify? ( This is great for building an online store where you can sell everything from physical goods (complete with shipping and delivery) to digital downloads. Building an online store is a great way to make money from home

#6 Write a Book

There are lots of easy ways to make money online and self – publishing is one of them. With tools like Kindle self publishing, you can make money when people buy your book from Kindle store, you can also publish on iBooks and guess what! It doesn’t cost you a dime to actually publish your book on these medium. All it takes is for you to create a great content (fiction or non fiction) and share it with the world.

#7 Become an Instructor

Yes you can become an instructor on Udemy ( and Skillshare ( Here you can get paid for teaching something you are good at. So are you good with the guitar, do you know Yoga? Then logon to these sites and teach a worldwide audience.

#8 Virtual Assistant

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You can become a virtual assistant where you can offer help in technical and administrative areas to clients all over the world. Sites like taskRabbit ( can help you accomplish this.

#9 Sell your creations

If you are the creative type and you make nice things like paintings, handbags and jewellery. Then there are loads of people who could patronize you online. Head to Etsy or eBay and get that money rolling in.

#10 Sell Your Musicmake money online

If you have a talent for music and you would like to make money online from it, you could have your songs featured in a movie or TV series.Sign up to Songtradr ( and you would be paid for your genius. Songtradr works for you if you do lyrical musical or instrumentals so it doesn’t matter where your musical talents lie, you can make some money from services like this.

#11 Do online narrating

This is great for those who have a good voice. Sites like  Voicebunny ( give users the opportunity to lend their voices to film makers and other people like cartoonists who may need such services.

#12 Sell your Software

Codecanyon ( is a great place to sell your proprietary software. If you have written software foe Android or iOS, you can get the source code of the software to the guys at codecanyon.

#13 Participate in Surveys

This is as easy as it comes in the world of online money making. There are tons of sites which pay you to participate in surveys all over the internet. Sure there are some regions where some surveys may not be available but the point is there is always something available. Surveys are great if you are thinking of how to make money fast.

#14 Become a website tester

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This is another means available to those who want to know how to make money online. You can test websites from the users’ perspective and be paid for it. Sounds too good to be true right? Usertesting ( is a website which pays as much as $10 for testing sites.

#15 Flip websites

What this simply means is the buying and selling of domain names. You can start buying domain names cheap and selling them to domain name providers like godaddy and the rest. This is good business as there are lots of names which are in high demand and for some reason have not been bought up yet.

#16 Drive for Ubermake money online

Uber is an innovative company which has taken the car rental service to a whole new level. If you live in an area where uber is active and you have a car at your disposal of course, then sign up and become an Uber driver.

#17 Do petty computer Jobs

Jobs like data entry, web research and come other things you would consider little are giving people extra money online. All you need do I sign up for a service like Mechanical Turk ( by Amazon and get earning. It is fast, easy, and you sign up for free.

#18 Sell photographs

If you have taken a nice picture why not sell it online to clients like iStockPhoto ( and Creative market ( The market for pictures is booming and you would be surprised how much you make from such opportunity.

#19 Sell Old stuff

Here is one thing people do not think can give them extra money online. DO you have old toys, clothes or furniture which you no longer need, then sell them off on sites like Olx, ebay, and craigslist. It is like getting paid to clean out your store of old things. That is what you call a win-win.

#20 Email marketing

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This is a great sources of income on the internet. When you have an email listing, you can send them offers on what you do and a good number of them could pay for your services. This works hand in hand with owning a source where you can collect emails like a blog or a website. You will be more successful with this if the emails you have were given to you with the consent of the owners.

#21 Answer professional questions

Are you a professional in any given field? Then you could make a lot or a little money depending on the kinds of questions you answer. There are sites like JustAnswer ( which pay you to answer a series of professional questions and this is a wonderful source of extra income.

#22 Listen to and review music online

Websites like offer users good money to listen to music on their platform and share their thoughts about them. This is a fun and lucrative way to spend your time. Though this is most usually a short-term source of income, it is great for those who love music and also love making money online.

#23 Sort recorded phone callsmake money online

This list sure does have some weird stuff in it. Getting paid to sort phone calls online? Yes you saw that right. With sites like Humanatic ( you can become a phone call reviewer and sorter. It does not pay much but it is a good means of extra income.

#24 Design and Sell Tshirts

You could be designing a t-shirt for free on Viral Style ( and marketing it to your network online. There are lots of other platforms which you can sign up with and get designing. They handle the shipping so all you need to do is design the shirt using an online tool and marketing your product.

#25 Rent your space

Those who have extra rooms in their house can get online to sites such as AirBnB and rent their space to paying customers. It could be a loft or basement space. There are people who are looking for these things and you are better off marketing them online.


There you have it. You no longer have a reason to be online and not making money. The opportunities are endless so go ahead and explore them. You will be glad you did.

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