Being a teenager comes with a lot of challenges. Among them is the fact that they start needing money for things and want to start feeling independent. This results in teenager searching for odd jobs which can put money in their pockets in order to enable them do teen stuff.

Luckily for us, there are online services which provide jobs for teens and enable make money online. This is great because they are making money from their phones and their sitting rooms which ensure that they are out of trouble and unnecessary hassle.

Best Online Jobs For Teens 2017

Online Jobs For Teens

We are going to explore 25 of the best legitimate work from home jobs with no start-up fee for teenagers.

1. Musicxray

With a Facebook account, you can sign up for this service.  All you have to do is answer questions about the kind of music that you are into and start earning. This opportunity is great for music lovers to make money online as teens.

2. Uhaul

This job is open to teens who are 16 years and over. You earn by being a customer care representative for the service offered at uhaul. What you need in order to do this job effectively is a good earpiece and good people skills.

3. Toluna

Toluna pays you to test products frim a wide category. The offer is open to residents in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia

4. Start a website or blog

Blogging is a wonderful way to make money online as a teen. It is not a job in the sense that you are not being paid by the hour but it is a means of generating income. Write about something you are good bat and get readers to visit your blog, then go ahead and monetize it. Here is a complete guide on How To Make A website

5. YouTube

A teen can make a load of money by posting short self made videos on YouTube. When your video gets a certain number of views, it can be monetized and you have ads play ay the beginning or the end of your video. You need to sign up for adsense in order to monetize YouTube videos.

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6. Harris Polls

This service deals with surveys and teenagers get paid to take surveys on the site. A parent’s consent is needed for a teenager to be accepted into the survey program though. When you are looking for ways in which your child can earn some money, sure you will give the consent.


This site accepts candidates from thirteen years and older. It is a service which pays teenagers to participate in surveys and get paid. It is definitely a nice way to make money online.

8. Jingit

If you are into video ads, then this could do you some good. This service pays teenagers to watch ads online. It is stress-free and as such one of the best online jobs for teens today. There are no sign up fees so there is nothing to lose.

9. Humanatic

Do you have a keen of listening? Then humanatic has the job for you. Listen through phone calls and answer questions to put some extra money in your bank account. You get to choose your hours, it is flexible and payment is done via PayPal.

10. SlicethePie

On this service, you get paid to listen to music and review them. After listening, you are asked a few questions which are simple really and within 5 minutes, the questions are done. It is nice for music lovers to get involved with this type of earning avenue online

11. CashCrate

Earn points from checking in daily on this site and participating in surveys. The secret to success here is to give honest answers and opinions in the surveys as they take diversity in answers very seriously. If your opinion brings nothing new to the table, you may not last very long here.

12. Userlytics

On userlytics, you are hired and paid to be a website tester. That sounds fun doesn’t it? All you need in terms of tools is a webcam from which you can record your responses on the sites you visit. You are required also to share your thoughts on the visited sites or apps.

13. Clixsense

One must be 16 years or older to participate and earn on this site. Once you are up to the required age, then you can sign up and watch videos to get paid. Seeing as watching videos requires only a couple minutes of your time, it is a worthy endeavour.

14. Survey Savvy

Still on the matter on surveys, you can sign up here as they have one of the friendliest and convenient jobs for teens. If you are teen looking to make money online, then check it out. What’s more? You also earn when you refer a friend who signs up.

15. Fiverr

Teens would absolutely love this site as you can actually earn doing what you love. Perhaps you are good at drawing, writing and doing other things like data entry or some graphic work. This site gives you an avenue to earn money online by lending your expertise to a large audience.

16. Mylikes

This is good for you if you have a large social media following. Here you get to share links on your social media pages and get money when your friends and followers click on the said links.

17. Qmee

Qmee is a service which pays you to watch online ads. It doesn’t work right off the box as some others as you need to install the add-on to your browser first. This however takes seconds and you are good to go. You get video ads while browsing and earn when you watch.

18. Voices

You must be 14 years and over to sign up on this site. This site pays you to do voiceovers on short scripts. At the moment of signing up, you upload a voice sample and if accepted, you could earn as much as $15 for a short script.

19. Upwork

Upwork offers loads of opportunities to talents of all kinds. If you are a writer, you could find yourself writing short articles, novels, and blog posts. You could be paid to review websites and apps, or you could design logos and flyers if you are the graphic type.

20. Sittercity

This is a service which connects teenagers to home which are in need of baby sitters. For a teenager, baby-sitting is one of the best jobs as it provides the time and experience of caring for another human being. You must be 13 years or older to sign up.

21. Care

This site is similar to the previously mentioned one and also, they require all applicants to be at least 13 years of age. If you are looking for a baby sitting gig, then this is one site you want to consider.

22. Enroll

If there is a particular topic you can teach, and you are up to 15 years of age, then you may want to enrol here. You get matched to people who want to learn whatyou know and you get paid for it. It is lucrative and fulfilling at the same time.

23. Amazon Turk

This service from amazon pays you to perform petty errands online. These errands to be visiting a site and answering questions, or rating a search engine. They are simple tasks which you would usually do during your time on the internet so it works that you get paid for it.

24. Global test Market

Here is another site which pays teens to take surveys. The points they earn can be swapped for cash or gift cards. The time it takes to complete a survey is about 20 minutes and in that time, once you complete the survey, you earn points.


This site is open to everybody who is past he age of thirteen. Signing up makes you a product tester and you give honest opinions on the products you test. The products on this site are from a wide variety so there are lots of choices.