In out time, it is quite common to want a stay at home job. These days we prefer to stay indoors and get things done as long as our internet is up and running. Sty at home jobs are convenient, they ensure we save money and we work from our comfort zone – making us considerably more effective.

We are going to look at a good number of legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee and if you are looking to make money online, then this is what you want to be reading. By the end of this article, you would have had a world of resources as to how you can stay home and make money doing something you enjoy.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs With No Startup Fee 2017

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs With No Startup Fee


You can register on this site to become an online tutor. ON this service, you get to choose aq line of study which you can teach and then you are matched with those who need tutoring in your subject. This is great because with just a few hours of work which you put in, you can achieve much doing what you love.


This site offers a variety of jobs in different sectors from financial, to medical ad insurance. What you do for them here basically is to take calls from clients and if you know a couple things about your chosen industry, then you will do very well.

#3 VIPDesk.comLegitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

Here you get to take calls for their clients. The services they offer range from social media support, back office support, and phone/email support


This company has been around for 60 years and they are always looking for staff who can work from home. Uhaul helps people move from one place to another so you could be a call centre agents for them or choose from numerous other stay-at-home opportunities.

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This is a campus site which recruits writers to work from home. You can apply for free and start writing. It is one of the best work from home jobs out there.


All you need to begin work here is an active email address and a phone. This job entails that you be a mystery shopper and as long as you can answer calls and pay attention to detail, you are as good as hired.


The company leap force pays you to search using Google and rate the results. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

#8 Capitaltyping.comLegitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

This company is an American outfit and they are constantly looking at hiring people who can work from home in areas like data entry. If you are good at typing and want some extra money, then sign up.


This online service lets you tutor people around the world from home. They pay through PayPal and it is quite flexible.


Here they offer typing jobs to people who can type fast. They receive a lot of applications so you may have to keep checking for a status update.


This service hires people to take calls on behalf of their corporate clients. The good thing about this company is that they are big on training and all the staff they have are trained.

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If you do enjoy writing, then you can sign up for this service. You will be writing simple projects. The projects are easy to manage and if you are a prolific writer, it should be just fine for you.


If you fall under the following categories of bookkeeper, appointment setter, or accountant, then this is one you want to consider.

#14 Telereachjobs.comLegitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

In this company, there are a lot of services offered. It starts out as a part time job from home but could quickly become a full time job. This company is well established so their reputation can be counted on


The IT giant often recruits people to work from home performing a variety of task in the industry from which they operate. A valid email account is needed to apply


Here they are always looking to hire online tutors who have a good command of the English language so as to teach the online community.


This is another opportunity for data entry participants to get a stay at home job. Sigtrack pays you to type from home and their compensation is fair.


Another innovation when it comes to work from home jobs, this service offers call center jobs to applicants. If you have good customer relations you should look into getting involved with this gig.


This company looks to higher only the best and brightest telemarketers to assist them with what they do. Sign up and get paid to be a telemarketer if you have what it takes

#20 (

Demand studios offer a wide variety of stay at home jobs for creative people. They range from writing to painting to editing. Their rates are not the best but it is worth a try.

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On ask wonder, you get to work as a researcher on a number of subjects which you get to choose. It is great as you help people with their projects and so on. If you are looking to make some more money online with flexible hours, this is it.


Join a large community of call centre agents as you sign up for this service and answer customer calls from home.


On this service, it is all about product testing. They offer a wide range of products and you make money online testing them. Once you are done with the tests, you get to write reviews with your honest opinions and send it bask as a survey on their site.

#24 Codingnetwork.comLegitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

Although the name suggest coding in terms of web deign, these people her are a medical outfit which offer coding in terms of medical appliances and diagnostics etc


If you are interested in tutoring online, consider briainfuse as they have been online for a while. Their rates are fair and the hours are flexible


Corporate, financial and legal jobs abound on this site and all it takes is a sign up with no fees.


If you want to make money online setting appointments, then you want to check these guys out. They pay hourly and their rates are standardized.


Alliance Bernstein is an asset management company and they are frequently looking for staff that can work from home


Here you get to do video surveys and the pay is really good. You get paid when you complete surveys and other tasks

#30 Virtualbee (

If data entry is your thing, you would like what is offered on this site. Data entry is about sorting data and typing them out in a format which you will be told. It requires patience and attention to detail but the payments are worth it.

#31 Bzzagent.comLegitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

Once you sign up here, you take several surveys as they are in the product testing industry. Your honest feedback is all that is needed to do this job.


This company hires you if you are interested in being a virtual assistant. What you will be doing include appointment setting, travel arrangements etc.


If you want to be a project editor or transcriptionist working from home, then this is something you would be interested in. All you have to do is send a resume to


This is a great service where clients from all over the world come to get a variety of jobs done. You can sign up and offer any services you may have and get paid for it.


Making money online would not be complete without services like this. Not only can you work from home, but from anywhere in the world. Do you write, do graphic work, or code? This is the place for you to earn extra money.


So there you have it. The world of stay at home jobs is a big one and there is definitely something for everybody. Working from home has come to stay and there is nothing anyone can do about. The convenience they provide makes them the people’s choice.

Go online and sign up for one of these jobs. There is no start-up fee and absolutely nothing to lose.