There are companies with products everywhere. And these companies are constantly in need of people who are going to test their products and give an honest review. This is where you come in.

Working as a product tester makes it easier for companies to give you products which you can try out ad tell them what you think about it. These products range from make up to even edible things such as pastries and such.

Best Product Testing Websites 2017 : Get Paid To Test Products

Get Paid To Test Products

In this article, we will be looking at such companies which offer this awesome opportunity in product testing as well as some product testing websites you can go to sign up & get paid to test products.


This service pays you to test out products in the household laundry category. If you are into this kind of category and perhaps consider yourself a neat freak, then you can sign up and get testing. Applicants must be thirteen years at least in order to be considered.

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As the name here implies, this is a product testing website which has products in the beauty and fashion category and it is aimed at women. So you get paid as a woman to test out cosmetics, shoes, bags etc. This is great for women as it helps them try out a lot of free things which they otherwise have to pay for.


This company lets people test out products from a wide range of categories. Products are sent to the testers and then they are paid using gift cards from amazon or cash. When it comes to a way to make money online, this ranks among the top.


If you live in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, then you are going to love this. This company offers a wide range of products. You get paid in cash or tango cards to test products ranging from food to healthcare products and more.

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Baker solutions offer amazing program “get paid to test products” in the personal care category. Men and women who subscribe to be product testers are compensated very well although of course you need to complete a feedback form on their site once you are done testing.


This product testing site regularly sends out survey and product testers are handpicked from the participants of their surveys. Chosen participants are sent products from a wide category and they get to test them and write reviews on the same.


Here, product testing is mainly in the food category. They pay through PayPal and it is a great opportunity. There are no sign up fees and it is a legitimate way to earn extra income online. Though food is not their only category, it remains one of their most popular.


Upon creating an account with myview, members are sent products which they can test and give feedback on. The compensation plan they offer is enticing and their payments are timely. This opportunity is open for users that are past the age of thirteen.

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This product testing site handles lots of clients and they send out products to testers based on their clients’ requests. Members are placed in different categories and they use group feedback to analyse results from each of their products.


They pay well on this service and all a user has to do is to test a product and give honest feedback on their site. This get paid to test products site has been in existence for a few years and the reviews are good. The products they offer vary from personal care to home improvement.


Opinion outpost has gathered a lot of integrity over the past years and their reliability is solid. If you are a product tester for this site, then you get to receive products you can use and write feedback on them. Members allowed on this site should be resident in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.


Though this service is currently open to Canadians, it is still a great way to make money online as a product tester. Members are sent products to test and give feedback and the compensation is through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

13. J&J Friends and Neighbors

This is a good way to make money online testing products. This service is owned by Johnson and Johnson and they are a big time manufacturer of personal care products. Participants are paid in cash for their services.


So if you have ever wanted to get in the business of being a product tester, here you have a number of opportunities to choose from. Product testing can be fun and relaxing at the same time. Being able to work from home is becoming more popular by the day and this is one way people can really harness the opportunities offered by this industry.

What used to be a discouraging factor was that you would have to invest start up fees for something you may not really be sure of but that is not the case with the opportunities here mentioned. So make use of these offers and make some money online as a product tester.