We all have things we do not need and getting rid of these things can be a burden. Now we have a way of paying people to help us get rid of them and that way is online.

Facebook Yard Sale

Facebook Yard Sale

Perhaps you have never heard of this but the Facebook yard sale harnesses the power of social media and helps you get paid for selling old things you no longer need. How do you get started? How do you succeed in it? These are all things which we will cover in this article.

What is Facebook Yard Sale?

In case you are wondering what a Facebook yard sale is, here we go. Facebook yard sale works using groups. So on Facebook, we have these groups called Facebook yard sale groups which have been optimized to help you sell your old things online

How Do I find a Facebook Yard Sale Near Me?

This part is simple. On the search box in Facebook, type in the name of your town and city followed by either “yard sale’ or ‘sale group’. You will have a list of results from which you can select the best suited option.

NB: You are free to refine your search word if you have not gotten results you like, for example, instead of searching with your small town name; you can try typing your city.

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Once that is done, you can ask to join the group by clicking ‘join Group’ on the group’s page and your request will be sent to the group admin. Patience is key at this point as the admin would need to approve your request before you can be active in a group. There is no time frame for the waiting periods as it depends on the group admin. It could be anything from five minutes to a few months (this may be because there are too many requests or the admin is just lazy).

How To Succeed At Facebook Yard Sales

Well, joining a group is not enough. You have to know how to be successful in selling your items. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with that.

1. Understand the rules – Once you are in, you need to read the rule and regulations of the group you have just joined. This cannot be emphasized as it would help you know how to conduct your self and your business while there. We know the rules in some of these groups can be annoyingly long but they are all worth it, take your time and review them in bits if you have to.

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2. Write informative descriptions – Your description matters. Sure the pictures do come before them but once a person gets to the description, then they are interested. Look it over time and time again. Talk about everything relevant and check for typographical errors. Avoid big words which would alienate your viewers (see what I did with the word ‘Alienate?’ and above all, keep it simple yet informative.

3. Work on your Pricing – You must understand this. Your pricing must be fair in order to attract people who will actually buy. If you manage to scare off everybody due to your pricing, you have only yourself to blame. One way of checking your price is listening to feedback. If more than three people complain about your price, you may want to review it.

4. Take nice Pictures – it is true that a picture says a thousand words and this is no different. Take good pictures with great lighting and a good camera. A bad picture will not let your viewers even read your description because it is the picture which catches them first. The better your pictures, the luckier you get.

5. Be the seller you would buy from – This about sums it all up. All the other rules set here can be put into all this. Think of yourself as the buyer and be the kind of seller you would patronize. Look at every angle and be as responsible, accountable, and honest as you can be.


As easy as Facebook makes this sales thing, giving you matches to your keywords such as ‘Facebook yard sale near me’ and all that, you should always be safe while transacting. Doing business online comes with a false sense of security and it is easy to get ourselves into trouble. Here are a few safety tips for when doing business using Facebook.

1. Never post personal details – As we have heard, there have been cases where strange people have attacked others because house addresses were shared on social media. This should not be the case. Only post relevant but not sensitive detail of Facebook yard sales groups

2. Always meet in public places – So you have a buyer or have found the item you are looking for. Congratulations! Now a meeting has been set up. Do not go to the person’s house or at least find a public place to meet. There should be at least five other people in any location where to choose to meet a buyer or seller


There you have it. Here is all you need to know about using Facebook yard sale groups to market and sell off your old items. It is hassle free and convenient. All you need in order to get started is a Facebook account and not much else. Almost everybody reading this has a Facebook account and some old stuff they would want to let go. Now there is nothing stopping you.

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