Facebook is big! There I said it. Facebook can be said to be the biggest online community in existence today and that would not be a false claim. Facebook has an active number of about 1.6 billion users so the point is that if you own a small business, you can reach out to your clients and even do better marketing to reach new clients on Facebook.

That is the good news. The better news is that Facebook invented ‘pages’ to set up your business so it is like having an online office on Facebook. When you have a page for our business on Facebook, it is;

  • Easier for people to find you
  • Easy to keep your customers informed on updates
  • Convenient in creating promotions and offers

This is all well and good. So how do we begin? Wonder no more. Let us dive in and see how to create a business Facebook page.

NB; it should be noted that before you can create a Facebook page, you must have a personal Facebook account. Facebook uses this in knowing who the Admin of the page is, also when it comes time to get paid ads on Facebook, there must be an account to charge and this is another use of the personal Facebook account. That being said, there is no other link between your business and personal page so there is nothing to worry about.


create a facebook page


To begin, login to your account and on your news feed, look to the left of the screen, you will see a ‘Create’ header with some items under it. One of those items is ’Page’. Clicking on it will bring you to a page like this

create a facebook page

Alternatively, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and you will get to the same page.

Once you are in, you will be able to choose from six categories.

  1. Local business or Place
  2. Company, Organization, or institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band, or Public figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or community

The next step will be to enter your information such as description of the business, a URL, and a profile picture. If you selected local business, then you can further define the kind of items you sell.

1. About your Page: Her you get to say something in describing your page. You get about 155 characters so it is a brief description. Make it count

2. URL: This is for the web address of your business or store.

3. Facebook URL / Username: you can customize your Facebook URL when you have reached a certain number of followers. You can have something like facebook.com/yourbusinessname

4. Profile Picture – This helps you upload a picture for your page. This icon will appear when you comment or publish a post.


Congratulations on making your page live. All the basic details are in and you are well on your way to having that perfect Facebook business page. The cover photo is  a great way of welcoming people to your page so you want to make it classy, pretty, and informative at he same time. People should be able to know what you do just by looking at your page and it would be a very big mistake to put up a cover photo which has nothing to do with what your business is about.


From hour facebook business page, click on ‘Add a Cover’ right at the top and you will be taken to a place where you can either upload an image or choose from your previously uploaded images. Once your image is uploaded, you can click on ‘Save’ to keep the changes.


This is very important as what you did before was just the tip of the ice berg. IN this section you get to really describe your business and add other details which will help viewers know more about you. To access this section, go to settings from your page. Then click on Page Info.

create a facebook page

In this area you will find the following fields.

Start Info – You get to set the date when your business was founded, created, or launched. This information goes to your timeline as part of your history.

Address – This comes in handy if you want people to know the physical location from where your business operates from.

Long Description and Mission – This does not have that 155 character limit and is a great way to really describe your business to your visitors.

Phone Number and Email – These are additional contact fields which go a long way in getting your customers to reach you.

All this information will stay in the about tab of your Facebook business page


At this stage, you can say you know how to create a Facebook page. This is where you begin to engage your visitors by publishing posts. The purpose of your page is to interact with clients and customers so posts are your primary tool in doing so. Post events, pictures, updates, and milestones as often as they come up to keep viewers interested in visiting and revisiting your page.

TIP: posts which have pictures attached to them do more in engaging fans than posts without pictures.


In this guide we have been able to take you through the steps to create Facebook business page. It is free and has all the advantages. If you own a business then you absolutely want to create a Facebook page and connect with your audience on a wider scale. It is wonderful for marketing and the top brands in the world have had good reviews when it comes to doing business on Facebook via the business pages.

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