There is no business that can thrive unless that business understands the kind of customers they have. When you know what your customers want, you can afford to know what to introduce into the business and what to take out. Creating surveys are a sure way of knowing what your customers like and it helps you build a relationship with them based on their interests.

If you have wondered how to make a survey with WordPress, then this article is just for you. In this article we will go through the ways in which we can create a user friendly survey and embed it into our WordPress site so we can gather authentic customer feedback.

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This is not a long list of requirements. To create a survey with WordPress, but we need a simple plugin which would simplify the process for us. For this article, we are going to be using a plugin called Gravity forms (this is one of many plugins which you can use to create surveys).

create a survey

To use gravity forms in building a survey, you not only have to install and activate the plugin, but you will need the survey add on and this is a premium feature. When you have paid for it, you can go to ‘Forms >> Add-Ons’ on your dashboard and as you scroll down you will see the Survey Add-On. Click on it and install.

create a survey

The next step in our ‘how to make a survey’ tutorial is to go ahead and create a form. To do this, go to Forms >> New Form. You wall be able to enter a title and description for the form you are about to create.

Next comes the drag and drop editor for your form. Gravity forms’ editor is dynamic and can get you creating classic forms in minutes. On the right side of the screen, there are fields you can add to the form. Click on ‘advanced fields’ then click on the Survey button.

create a survey

With the untitled survey field you are going to get, you can click anywhere to expand and show properties. From here you can configure answers for questions the users will be given.

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There are different field to choose from such as radio buttons, drop downs, checkboxes, and more. Selecting a field type will automatically change our configuration options to fit the field you have chosen

create a survey

The next step after configuration is to click the update button to save it.


This is the easy part. When creating a page or post, you will see the make a survey or Add form button just above the WordPress editor. When you click that button, there is a pop up which shows up on the screen. This pop up will contain forms you have created and you get to choose the 0one you want to display on this page/post.

create a survey


Alternatively, if you want the form to be displayed as a sidebar widget on your site, you can do so by going to Appearance>>Widgets and then drag Form Widget to the location you want.

Once the widget is in the desired location, you can decide to give it a title and then click save.


A great feature here when using gravity forms is that you can import and export survey results. These results can be exported to spread sheet software of your choice and viewed. To do this, go to Forms >> Import/Export.

The first thing you need to do at this point is to select the form from a drop down list. Next is to select the fields you want to export. Checking the ‘Select All’ checkbox will download all data on the form.

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When you are clear on what you want to download, click on ‘Download Export File button’

create a survey


As you can see, it hasn’t been easier to make a survey and if you have been scratching your head wondering how to create a survey with WordPress, this short article has given you an understanding of the steps to follow.

Simple, fast, and innovative, the gravity forms plugin gives you all you need when it comes to gathering polls from your users and as such helping you get the needed information as to improve your service.

Even if it is not for your personal use, the next time you see a person who is in need of a means of creating surveys with WordPress, you know exactly where to turn.