If you are online and you want to make money, perhaps you own a blog or a website, then you can and should sign up for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has become one of the fastest ways of making money from your website.


Simply put, affiliate marketing is the conversion of your site traffic into cash. There are thousands of blogs on the internet and many of them have thousands of subscribers and that means that they generate a lot of traffic. Affiliate marketing works in such a way where by you, the site admin. Gets to market something to your subscribers and you get paid by the owners of the ad when traffic from your blog clicks on the ad.

In the example mentioned above, you the blog owner are known as the Publisher and the Company which owns the product you are marketing is called the Advertiser.


affiliate marketing programs

There are some organizations online whose sole purpose is to connect advertisers to publishers and vice versa. These organizations are called affiliate marketing networks and the service they render are known as affiliate marketing programs.

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Upon signing up on one of the networks which we will talk about soon, you get to declare your site ready to accept ads from publishers which are also registered on the network. You then receive a link which will be pasted somewhere on your site and this link has a code embedded in it. When this link is pasted, users get to see adverts of products where you pasted the link and the code lets the publishers know the sites which have gotten clicks for their products – this is how you get paid.

The following are the best affiliate marketing programs.

#1 WpEngine.com

If you are looking to make money online, let us start with this. WP Engine is a company which offers WordPress hosting services and it pays really well on its online affiliate marketing program. You can use the software free of charge for a short period so you understand how it works. If you generate up to 10 sales in a month, you can earn a bonus of up to $1500 and that is big. This is pretty much one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs online today.

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#2 SiteGround.com

This is another web hosting affiliate program which offers huge returns when you drive traffic to them through your blog or website. They offer standard and managed WordPress hosting with plans starting from $3.49/month and when you sign up with them a an affiliate marketer, you could earn up to $120 per sale.

#3 BuyDomains.com

Ever thought of getting a website such as music.com? Or perhaps something like video.com. These domain names are popular and are sure to generate a lot of traffic and those are the kind of domains sold on this site. When you sign up as an affiliate marketer with buy domains, you get to advertise them to your visitors and you get paid when someone from your traffic makes a purchase. Due to the kinds of domains they sell, people pay huge amounts for them and you can get up to $170 per sale.

#4 LongTailPro.com

This is an online service which helps SEO. A lot of companies would be glad to get their hands on this service and their plans start at $24.99/month. Long Tail pro makes keyword research easy. It makes it easy for a business to know what keywords are relevant to their business and not only that, it helps them know what keywords their competition is using to give them an edge. Marketing this gives you 30% recurring commissions on your sales

#5 BigCommerce.com

This Company offers a complete e-commerce solution to users and the payment on their affiliate programs is good too. Signing up her gives you access to 200% commissions on your sale. They pay through PayPal, check, or payoneer and the payments come once you have made up to $50.

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#6 Shopify.com

Another e-commerce giant right here. Shopify has become very popular because of the reliable e-commerce solutions they offer. The Shopify affiliate marketing program sure is a good way to make money online. With Shopify, one can have an online store and sell even on social media like Facebook and pinterest. Affiliate marketers with Shopify earn up to 200% per sale and 20% recurring commissions.

#7 StudioPress.com

Studiopress offers one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. What this company does is to sell WordPress themes which have been optimized for SEO. These are a booming market and being able to sell to your website traffic can get you 35% on each sale.

#8 AnswerBase.com

Answerbase is software which helps a website build a community into their website. It helps with user interactions and forums. It also features a Q and A support which makes it easy for website admins to know what their clients want. The affiliate marketing programs offered by answerbase earns you up to $199 per sale.

#9 (Thesis) DiyThemes

This is one of the best affiliate programs we have today although it has a niche which it appeals to. Thesis helps bloggers create their own WordPress themes and any blogger would be happy to buy this tool – so why not promote it on your blog and earn up to $120 per sale?

#10 GetResponse.com

GetResponse is an email marketing merchant and if you have been online, you would know that email marketing is key to maintaining good customer relations. Sign up and be an affiliate marketer to GetResponse and earn up to 33% commissions per sale.

#11 BigMarker.com

This is another which helps users grow their email list by providing premium marketing tools. It is a big catch and affiliates on their program are well paid. They also have webinar software as part of their features so they are packed. Affiliates are paid 50% which is about $199 per sale.

#12 AshopSoftware.com

Ashop is an e-commerce service provider and the reason why we have them on this list is because the e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing online industries. This is the big one because their affiliate marketing program pays residual commissions. If you refer up to 3 merchants, you get $186 every month with no more work. This has to be one of the best affiliate programs.

#13 SEO Power Suite (link-assistant.com)

This is another site which helps business boost their SEO by offering innovative tools like keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis. Users can download for free and get to understand it before they fully commit. It works on windows and Mac so it is a big seller. An affiliate can make up to $197 per sale on this.

#14 SemRush.com

This is yet another SEO tool for spying on competitors to know which keywords are working for them. It is a great tool which you can market to make money online. Affiliates on this platform make 40% for life on referrals.

#15 DreamHost.com

Back to the matter of WordPress hosting, dreamhost offers up to $97 per sale to affiliates. Not only do they handle WordPress hosting effectively, they handle all sorts of hosting; with dreamhost, you get a free domain name, free privacy protection, and free SSL certificate.

#16 PartnerNetwork.ebay.com

We would not have a complete list if we did not mention the eBay partner network. The commissions offered here are mouth-watering and since eBay is so popular, it is sure you make you some good money online. EBay pays you to advertise them and also to sell eBay products on your site.

#17 Amazon Affiliate (affiliate-program.amazon.com)

This falls in the same area as the eBay network. Amazon pays commissions when you direct traffic to their website and they also pay when traffic directed from your website pays for something. You get to choose the category or kind of products you want to display on your site.

#18 3Dcart.com

E-commerce is getting so popular on this list. 3D cart offers online and offline shopping services. With 3D cart, you can set up an online store and receive credit card payments. You can set up POS payments to help grow your business and more. Affiliates get $300 per sale.

#19 ShareAsale.com

This is not an affiliate program per se but it worthy of being on this list. ShareAsale connects bloggers to affiliate programs so by signing up to ShareAsale, you get to access hundreds of affiliate marketing programs and make money online. So you can advertise ShareAsale to advertisers and when they join, you can get paid up to $150.

#20 Liquid Web

WordPress hosting didn’t come in a better package. You can earn up to $900 per sale on the affiliate program offered by liquid web. From WordPress to shared hosting, to cloud hosting, they do it all and very well too.


So there it is laid out for you if you are a blogger looking to make some extra money online. Affiliate marketing is the way to go and it ids stress free. All it means is to convert the traffic you already have to paying traffic. It does not cost anything to join these networks and programs so try them out.