What is affiliate marketing? This is usually a way or a method that is used by publishers to make some cash online by receiving rewards for helping a business in promoting their products. These rewards often come in terms of a commission. These rewards can be earned when someone follows a link that you provided to another site where they then purchase something. Below are some of the top recommended affiliate marketing websites that you can actually check out and choose the one that suits your needs.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites 2017

affiliate marketing

#1 Clickbank

This is one of the biggest paying affiliate marketing companies available today. Clickbank has now been providing their services for more than 17 years while still focusing on digital information products. Being one of the largest retailers available online today, they have a vast library of over 6 million products for them to reach 200 million customers globally.

#2 Rakuten

Rakuten was formally known as Buy.com. It has now grown to be one of the biggest marketing affiliates and it ranks among the top 3 e-commerce companies worldwide. This is mainly because it has over 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners with more than 18 million customers. This makes Rakuten Ichiba be one of the largest e-commerce sites in Japan and among the world’s largest when you look at the sales.

#3 CJ Affiliate by Conversant

This was also formally known as Commission Junction. They also reach millions of consumers who usually shop online through their affiliate marketing companies. They also include companies like Dotomi, Mediaplex, ValueClick Media, Greystripe, and Commission Junction.

#4 Amazon Associates

Well, do I really need to even introduce this? Anyway, Amazon is an American electronic commerce and also a cloud computing company which has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. In the US, this is the largest internet retailer. You can use this affiliate network to tap into more than a million products that can enable you to advertise to your consumers.

#5 ShareaSale

This affiliate marketing company has been in the game for more than 15 years now. Over the years, the technology they have been using has overly been praised due to speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their services. This affiliate marketing network also has a fair and honest reputation which is well known and recognized within the industry.

#6 eBay

I am more than sure that many of us still don’t know that eBay has an affiliate network. eBay has now been in this business for more than 20 years now and is still going on, providing first class tools, reporting, and tracking. It is also known to be one of the best affiliate programs.

#7 Flexoffers

This is appears as one of the best website when it comes to affiliate marketing. They always use some multiple marketing, data delivery and advanced payment solutions to take care of both the advertisers and publishers needs. They also offer a lot of unique products and services and when you join them, you get access to an affiliate publishing network plus other advantages.

#8 Impactradius

This is another good affiliate marketing website that can also help you to make some money online. They usually have an accurate tracking technology, flexible contracting and an automatic system for payment processing. All these when combined, gives their customers the ability to manage their marketing campaigns thus helping in maximizing their growth.

#9 Avangate

This is also one of the best affiliate programs that focus on digital commerce. It is usually backed by a cloud platform and focuses also on subscription billing and global payments for software. This program is actually trusted by over 4000 digital businesses in more than 180 countries.

#10 Avantlink

Actually, this is the industry-leading technology platform when it comes to affiliate referrals. This affiliate marketing program actually works hard to remain on top with constant updates and upgrades to their platform. They also emphasize more on quality that quantity and always implementing new tools and technology.

#11 AffiBank

Always known to be among the most comprehensive and categorized affiliate programs, it usually offers pay affiliates a great commission of about 75% on the sales. Most of the affiliate programs that are usually listed in AffiBank’s marketplace use AffiBank’s in-house tracking system.

#12 Affiliatefuture

Having a database of more than 600 advertisers and 300,000 publishers, affiliatefuture is just one of the best marketing networks one can get. They usually offer personalized services and also have managers who are highly trained to help you out with your marketing problems.

#13 Onenetworkdirect

This is another affiliate program that guarantees you rapid growth. They have great solutions and a team of experts to help you out. Their affiliates usually receive great bonuses and advantages. You can earn up to 60% commission by promoting their brands and unique products.

#14 RevenueWire

This is a global e-commerce platform that is specifically designed for those companies that sell digital products online. Together with other industry leading services like AffiliateWire, their e-commerce platform is available in over 120 countries.

#15 LinkConnector

LinkConnector is also a pay per action affiliate marketing program that can help you make some money online. It also has pay per call. They also use a technology that allows you to have direct links to websites.

#16 PerformanceHorizon

For this affiliate marketing program, you will experience their most advanced platform that will help you improve performance with your marketing partners. Some of the advantages that you can get when you sign up with this program include; closer connections to customers, real-time consolidated reporting, data driven growth, personalized support and others.

#17 Tradedoubler

This is another great marketing company and signing up with them means success for your business. Through their technology, they usually deliver quality results by bringing in quality traffic, a process which is also facilitated by their marketing experts. They also help their clients to maximize their investments and also monetize their traffic.

#18 Pepperjamnetwork

Termed as the largest affiliate network in the world, this company focuses mainly on exclusive publisher distribution, development in technology and strategic planning all which are always channeled towards delivering of great pay-for-performance results. This helps the publishers to reach their consumers while offering the products they want thus bringing success to your business.

#19 MaxBounty

This is also one of the successful CPA affiliate program available today and has been in the game for more than 10 years now. It is usually considered to be one of the most popular and best CPA affiliate network available. Currently, MaxBounty has thousands of affiliates who are satisfied and are earning some cash through CPA advertising. It has some of the highest paying affiliate programs.

#20 Webgains

Webgains is also a good marketing program which incorporates different people, technology, partnerships, creativity and not forgetting delivery. They usually provide large variety of services with their experts more than ready to help you in your business. Sign up with webgains today and start enjoying some of these priceless benefits.

Well, if you want to monetize your website, it is always recommended that you try and capture the attention of those people who are visiting your website and continuously bring them back to your website. While they are still on the website, get them to take multiple actions in there and make the most out of these actions. You can fully use these online affiliate marketing programs and make money online without using any sweat. Try it today and see how much you can earn from this.